marinated chicken breasts

BBQ – Pepper based BBQ style marinade with a blend of garlic, paprika, onion powder, brown sugar and three types of pepper. This full flavored marinade has a distinct peppery bite.


Teriyaki - A sweet, traditional teriyaki marinade. Simple yet delicious mixture of soy sauce, sugars, fresh garlic and ginger.


Italian – Olive oil and dry vermouth base with fresh chopped bell pepper, garlic and Italian spices. 


Western BBQ – Smokey, sweet BBQ flavor with a blend of paprika, onion powder and a touch of black pepper. Kids love it; this marinade is enjoyed by everyone.


Santa Maria – Garlic, chili powder and rosemary base that gives a nice garlic flavor without the heat. Our most popular marinade. 


Hawaiian – Similar to sweet and sour; we complement a vinegary sweet base with liquor and beet powder – giving this marinade its unique flavor and color. 


Hot and Spicy – A fiery blend of spices and peppers. This blend includes paprika, onion powder, parsley and 5 types of pepper. This marinade provides a pleasant burn. 


Tomato Basil – Olive oil and pesto base with fresh bell pepper, green onions, artichoke hearts and sundried tomatoes; a unique Tuscan flavor. 


Sweet and Spicy – A blend of sugars, four peppers, and a splash of lime give this marinade an enjoyable sweet flavor with a kick of heat. One of our personal favorites.