Ranch Butchering 

Wagon Wheel Market offers full service Ranch Butchering in a clean, sanitary environment. Our processing policies are influenced by State and Federal inspection regulations. And we go beyond their requirements! We have at least one licensed State Inspector at our shop during production hours. Most of the time we have two inspectors on site.

Your animal will be processed to your specifications, vacuum packed, clearly labeled and frozen in our minus 20 degree blast freezer. We do not have the additional space to store your animal once it is ready for pick up, so please be prepared to retrieve your animal when it is ready. We ask that all processed animals are picked up within 3 DAYS of being notified that it is ready.  After that a storage fee of $1.00 per cubic foot per day will be added.  Animals left over 30 days will be donated to local charities.

Here are a couple contacts for slaughter service:

BERNIE GOEHRING 530-301-7168

WILL PERKINS 530-263-4982

BRET NOBLES 530-632-2417

DREW MCELFRESH 530-933-7016