Wild Game Processing

As time goes on there are fewer and fewer places which process wild game. Being hunters ourselves, we understand the need to have a quality job done with your animal once you have filled your tag. The new regulations for out of state hunters due to chronic wasting disease (CWD) make it even more of a challenge for hunter and processor. Having to bring your animal back without any spinal or brain tissue is a real problem. In conforming with state law we as hunters must open up much more surface area of our animals and expose it to hair, dirt and bacteria. This all equates to much more time on our processing end and a much greater shrink on the hunters end.


A couple of suggestions from our side would be for in-state animals and animals from states that do not require removal of spinal and brain tissue (check with your state regulations). When possible bring your deer, antelope and wild hogs in whole. Elk should be brought in quarters. We understand this is not always possible but when it is it will save cutting loss, time and money. In cases where this is not possible, please open as few surfaces as possible as this will improve the amount and quality of your animal once it has been processed. We want everyone to know that we are very particular about how your game is processed. If we would not want to eat what is in your package it will not be in your package!

Due to limited freezer space we ask that you be ready to pick up your processed meat within 3 Days of being notified that it is ready.  After 3 days we charge a storage fee of $1.00 per cubic foot per day.  Animals not picked up when 30 days of notification will be donated to local charities.